About Us


Safa was established in 2008 with an ambitious vision to be the best technology solutions provider in destination management. It concentrates on Hajj and Umrah solutions designed to improve the pilgrims and Umrah performers’ experience and facilitate integrating electronic systems between the countries of origin of pilgrims & Umrah performers’ technical procedures in Saudi Arabia across all the relevant sectors.

Safa’s initial projects focused on designing and developing technical solutions that serve the customers’ needs in several business entities, including hotels, tourism/holiday agencies, local Umrah operating companies, and foreign Umrah agencies as governmental authorities in several countries. Then, Safa moved forward in supporting the sector with more effective and smart solutions, introducing “Safa Visa.” Safa Visa provides electronic integration and data processing between different electronic systems in many countries. Another smart solution is “Safa Business,” which facilitates all Umrah agencies and companies’ operations. Again, Safa had the head start in online business by designing and developing the online platform “Safa Online,” which facilitates e-booking services and links supply and demand components, i.e., Umrah agencies, hotels, and airlines companies. It also helps Umrah agencies to facilitate individuals’ bookings.

Based on the 12 years data, Safa works with its partners to provide more accurate and insightful analysis reports and forecasts. This leads to a reliable decision-making process, increasing the revenues, raising the demand and occupancy rates, and improving revenue management line the nature of the market seasons.

Moreover, Safa provides business and management consulting services to help the local services providers access the international market, approach the Two Holy Mosques guests, fulfill the requirements, and adapt to the new systems and regulations at these small markets.

In partnership with Umrah and tourism agencies, the Safa Team designed the international family loyalty points system, which allows the same family members to benefit from our distinguished partners’ services. Despite the challenges surrounding the payment process and currencies, the company has designed electronic payment systems that facilitate connection with the Kingdom’s payment systems and the completion of reservations quickly and easily.

The company, supported by its stable relations in the hospitality and aviation sectors, and its ties with the marketing companies operating in the industry, is offering its partners of Umrah agents around the world the best offers and packages with high flexibility in payment terms or cancellation, as well as quality assurance of the services provided. Moreover, it is currently working on providing insurance service for such bookings, in cooperation with the authorized entities in this sector.


SAFA Journey Highlights

Launching Safa Visa System for Travel agents.
Launching Groups Reservation System for Saudi Airline (Saudi) in Cairo and Algeria regional office.
Developing the national Hajj and Umrah management system for Sudan.
Developing the Hajj management system for Jordan.
Launching Safa Booking the B2C Umrah Platform
Development of National Umrah Portal for Governments
Launching National Umrah Portal in Egypt

Launching Schoovl Online E-learning Solution