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Safa Hajj

E Hajj

How system works

Phase I : Data Entry

Scan the data and images of the travelers’ passports and send them to the E- path, Also you can keep the database you have for other purposes.

Phase II : Data Merge

If you have any data from a previous Hajj draw process, you can integrate this information in your data bases with passport information without having to re-enter it.

Safa Hajj Enterprise

Phase III : Visa Automation

Receive the automated approval for the E-numbers and prepare the passports to be send to the consulate.

Government agencies that use Safa system

Seasons :

1432 -

1433 -

1434 -


Ministry of Interior affairs - Egypt

Ministry of Tourism

General authority of Hajj and Umrah

Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs

Season :


Prince Visa under British Hajj mission

Saudi Arabia embassy
Ambassador office

Cairo Travel Services

Why Safa Hajj

  • Not to re-enter the data.
  • Scan the Hajj image from the passport directly within the first input process.
  • For the integration of third-party information that can be found in the passport with databases.
  • To implement easily 200 visa daily at least.
  • To retain the travelers’ data with visa numbers and processed later.
  • For easy distribution to service packs in the E-path.
  • To follow up the status of each traveler in the process of implementation of aviation.



Safa Hajj system For Tourism Companies

How System works

Passport data with images

Document reader

Data processing


Visas Issuing