Safa Live


System Fetaures

  • Create / follow-up trips online and from anywhere around the world.
  • Archive data for each traveler.
  • Send a real arrival notification.
  • Identify the real flight status and automated reporting for all parties in case there’s any flight changes.
  • Showing any updates and modifications of the system for all parties immediately.
  • Calculate the travel program sales records from the accommodation system.
  • Manage the transportation applications (the possibility of requesting transport route from Umrah Company or from the transport company).
  • Ability to make accommodations forms for each group.
  • Manage and follow up the groups routes from the moment of their travel to the moment of arrival.
  • Relate the travelers from the previous years.


Trip arrival notification when
send it by the agent.

Book & follow-up the Mutamer trips in the buses in Jeddah, Mecca and Medina.

Mutamers accommodation in their hotels
or redeployment.

Know the real flight status before 24 hours from the flight departure for all your travels.
Manage and follow-up the representatives and follow up their implementations.

Daily report for the Check in / Check out
from the Hotels.

Safa Numbers

  • +2600 travel agencies around the world are using the Safa system.
  • Technical support for Safa system is available for more than 37 countries around the world.
  • More than 153,250,3 Umrah visas had been implemented on Safa system .
  • More than 117,425 Hajj visas had been implemented on Safa system .
  • More than a Million and one hundred thousand visas had been implemented on Safa system in 2013.
  • 1% or less error rate in the picture and barcode data as per the consulates of Saudi Arabia.